我们是由一群充满朝气,充满理想的设计们师组成的团队。我们秉承着“以点为初,择善而为”的理念,配合客户从规划到建筑至景观的全方位一体化的设计咨询服务。在设计的项目中,我们重视地域特点、风格特点、从宏观整体规划到景观细节体现出设计的语言。      点红尊重每个城市独具的历史文脉与区域文化,针对中国高速发展的城市化进程,秉持“跨界整合”的理念,综合考虑土地现状、城市布局、经济需求、产业现状、发展战略规划等要素,为客户提供各阶段的城市规划与城市设计,产生可持续的、综合考量的规划设计方案。      我们认真对待每一个项目,希望每一个项目都有它自身存在的价值和意义。
We are composed of a group of energetic, ideal designers. We adhering to the "to the point as early as to" concept, with the customer to full integration of the building to the landscape design from the planning advisory services. In the design of the project, we attach importance to the regional characteristics, style and characteristics, from the macro overall planning to the landscape details to reflect the language of the design. Red respect for history and regional culture unique to each city, city of China high-speed development, uphold the principle of "cross-border integration" concept, considering the current situation of land, city layout, the needs of the economy, industry status, development strategy and other factors, provide city planning and urban design in each stage of the planning and design for customers. Scheme of generating sustainable and comprehensive consideration. We take every project seriously and hope that every project has its own value and significance.