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点红有丰富的地产及高端品质项目操盘经验;既2016年正式出道以来,与业内多个知名地产及政府都有着项目合作,有高度配合协调能力,确保项目从方案到落地的可控性、全程项目跟踪、规范管理流程 严格细节把控。


POINT.RED has rich experience in real estate and high-end quality projects. The team’s main founders are all from well-known landscape design companies. Since its establishment in 2016, the team has cooperated with many well-known real estate and government in the industry and has a high degree of coordination ability to ensure the controllability of the project from plan to landing, the tracking of the whole project, and the standardization of the strict details of the management process.

We take each project seriously and hope that each project has its own field characteristics and significance. If the POINT.RED is in line with your career development direction, we sincerely invite you who love design to join the POINT.RED team so as to better devote yourself to the design career you love and make common progress with the POINT.RED team.

招聘职位| Position

主创设计师(北京) Chief Landscape designer (base Beijing)


1. 具有多年景观地产项目设计经验,能独立完成前期项目管理及运作;
2. 良好的沟通能力及应变能力;

3. 富有独特的创意能力及个性。

Job description:

1. With years of experience in landscape real estate project design, and able to independently complete the early project management and operation;
2. Has good communication and adaptability;
3. Rich in unique creativity and personality.

种植设计师(北京) Planting designer (base Beijing)


1. 相关园林种植专业3年及以上工作经验,具有丰富的地产项目设计经验;
2. 优秀的沟通及协调能力,熟悉常见植物,能独立对甲方提供现场指导植物种植指导及施工图设计;

3. 富有情趣和审美意识责任心强,有良好的组织协调能力及团队合作精神。

Job description:

1. At least 3 years of relevant working experience in garden planting, with rich experience in real estate project design;
2. Excellent communication and coordination skills, familiar with common plants, able to independently provide site guidance on plant planting and construction drawing design to client;
3. Rich in aesthetic sense, strong sense of responsibility, good organization and coordination ability and team spirit.

实习设计师(北京) Intern designer (base Beijing)


1. 正规院校本科及以上风景园林专业应届生;
2. 熟练掌握PS 、PPT、SU、Lumion、AI等设计软件;

3. 具备一定的手绘功底,较强的审美,热爱景观设计;

4. 求知态度端正,做事认真负责,具备良好的沟通能力。

Job description:

1. Fresh graduates with bachelor’s degree or above in landscape architecture from regular universities;
2. Proficient in PS, PPT, SU, Lumion, AI and other design software;

3. Have certain hand-painting skills, strong aesthetic appreciation, and love landscape design;
4. Have a good attitude towards knowledge, work conscientiously and responsibly, and have good communication skills.

设计师助理(北京) Designer assistant (base Beijing)


1. 有独特的设计理念及敏锐的色彩感觉,及较强的手绘能力;
2. 文字表达能力强,能将设计思路用文字形式表达;

3. 良好的沟通能力和团队协作精神。

Job description:

1. Have unique design concept, keen color sense, and strong hand-drawing ability;
2. Strong writing ability, able to express design ideas in words;
3. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

运营经理(北京) Operations manager (base Beijing)


1. 主动拜访和维系沟通客户,辅助领导对外进行项目对接、洽谈;
2. 促进项目经营、合同签订、合同款催收,项目服务跟进;

3. 负责招投标项目的文件编制、招投标工作;

4. 形象端庄大方,性格开朗,认真负责,诚实守信,正直严谨;


Job description:

1. Actively visit and maintain communication with customers, assist leaders in project docking and negotiation;
2. Promote project operation, sign contracts, collect contract payments, and follow up project services;
3. Responsible for document preparation and bidding of bidding projects;
4. Good image, cheerful personality, serious and responsible, honest and trustworthy, integrity and rigorous;
5. Strong communication skills and excellent writing skills.

申请方式| How to apply

请将简历及作品集发送至招聘邮箱:dhgjjgsj@163.com 或致电:18611995720(王女士) 期待你的加入!


Please send your resume and portfolio to dhgjjgsj@163.com or phone call 18611995720 (Ms. Wang) looking forward to your joining! (Please indicate Mooool employment in the topic of e-mail)