The author thinks that design has always been interlinked, and there is no obvious boundary in every design direction. As a designer, we must appreciate the design of beautiful things and beautiful things. The scope of the designer is not limited to the scope of the industry. As long as there is a possibility of change, it can make things better by designing ideas and means.

Liu Gong said he was engaged in the architectural landscape design industry, and he was dealing with figures, sizes and spaces everyday, so he was more sensitive to graphics and size. Usually more love armor, then one day suddenly burst of inspiration to own a set of armor, this is his first time to do, which also refer to a large number of data and others do a, occupation environment to let him keep a strict attitude to study, due to limited conditions, will eventually make a skin a whole day in the form of reference and Viking armor.

  胸甲分前、后、两部分。编织是参考维京甲的编织方式,每个甲片都是手工裁切、打磨 打孔、缝合。每行甲的边缘用羊皮包边。其中胸上部用了一些皮雕的纹路,胸甲的底部的五金方环是为了吊装腿甲时的预留部分。当甲制好之后,虽有防御力,但不够强,故加了一层毛毡,内衬运用锦缎布,整体贴身灵活。

Cuirasse points before and after, the two part. Knitting is a weave reference to Viking a, each of which is manually cut, polished, punched and stitched. The edge of each line is covered with sheepskin. The upper chest with some Pidiao lines, the bottom of the breastplate square ring is to set aside part of the hardware of the hoisting tasses. When the armour is good, although it has the defense force, but not strong enough, it is added a layer of felt, lining the use of brocade cloth, the whole body is flexible.


2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 1mm羊皮 5mm黑灰色毛毡 2mm牛皮绳云海纹锦缎 及五金件

2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 2mm蜡绳0.6mm内衬铁片 0.8mm黄铜片黑色哑光漆 及五金件

2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 0.8mm内衬铁片3mm黑色蜡绳 4mm牛皮腰带 及五金件

2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 1.5mm野生小牛皮(软) 云海纹锦缎 及五金件

2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 1.5mm黑色蜡绳0.8mm黄铜片 黑色哑光漆 及五金件

2.5mm黑色植鞣牛皮 1.5mm黑色蜡绳0.8mm黄铜片 黑色哑光漆 及五金件

锦缎 布 皮 及五金件 牛皮 马鬃毛 铜板及五金件

单组肩甲由三组扎甲和四组板甲构成 板甲有两片牛皮中间夹铁皮,缝合之后,外部在铆订铜板。最后整体用蜡线根据日铠的编织方式编起来。其中也有皮雕的元素。两组肩甲偏重,有安全感同时也不失灵活性。

A single group of shoulder armor was made up of three groups of lig a ture and four groups of plate armour with two plates of iron in the middle of the cowhide. After suturing, the outside was riveted on the copper plate. Finally the whole wax line according to the weaving on braided armor. There are also elements of skin carving. The two grou ps of shoulder armor were heavy, with a sense of safety and no activity at the same time.



A form of reference on the skirt armor, but in a different way on the installation of armor,

because it is more convenient for the separation and breastplate, disassembly and installation.

Method of making two pieces of leather with iron, after sewing, punching, weaving, process

is not difficult but time-consuming.


A form of reference on the thigh armor, because it is affixed to the legs installed. But different from day two pieces of armor tasses, this is the four film, both before and after the door. The anterior armour is short and wide and connects with the knee, and the posterior armour is slightly narrow and slightly longer.



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